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Centralized Management Software for Call Center


Designed and developed in order to monitor plants that are positioned in different zones, XCENTER is a flexible, reliable and userfriendly software package.
Efficient assistance is a widespread requirement among distribution centers, small and big supermarkets, industrial plants etc. XCENTER gives this type of support with alarm management, continuous devices check and the recipient management with a relative report.
XCENTER doesn’t have limits regarding the number of plants and controllers that can be checked and is suitable for every kind of requirement.

Modular software that, when installed in a server PC, communicates with clients (XWEB systems and remote PC)
Third party system compatibility
Database Oracle® that manages many controllers
Data and alarms files from real installations, available for all clients
User interface is simple to understand
Multilanguage management
Geo-location positioning and controllers status
Command sending to real instruments
Possibility to quickly modify controllers parameters
Alarm setup and management
Alarm report via e-mail – SMS
Recipient list management
Statistical data management in graphical format
Internet connection between XCENTER and the monitoring units are by means of the standard SNMP protocol or telephone line (via dial-up or an internet provider)
Open project that allows add-on software (warehouse and accountant management,…)

The software is composed of two modules: server and client.

The server can be installed in a computer with the following minimum system requirement:

– CPU Pentium® IV or similar
– 100GB hard-disk space
– Microsoft Windows XP or Windows 2003 Server
– Permanent Internet connection
– Modem connection (optional)

The software clients are installed in each computer,they can operate either via an intranet or the Internet. Minimum system requirements for the clients are:

– CPU Pentium or similar
– 512MB RAM memory
– 20GB hard-disk space
– Microsoft Windows XP
– Network card and/or modem
– Microsoft Internet explorer 5.5 or higher