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Citrus Juicer(GRT-2000E-4B )

GRT-2000E-4B 304 s.steel with cabinet auto citrus juicer

1.Power supply: 220–230V 50HZ /110–120V 60HZ
2.Power consumption: 120W /250W
3. Size of orange required: 40–90mm
4. Output: 20-25 oranges/1.5 literes/0.4 gallon/minute
5. Machine Size: 510L*540W*1620H mm(length*width*height)
6. Weight: 85kg
7. Security: Satety cut out switches

Automatic Feeders – Oranges are automatically fed into the machine.
Efficient Squeezing Technology – Offers the greatest yield of juice / orange.
Compact – Requires minimum counter or floor space.
Easy Dismounting For Cleaning – No Tools Required.
Safety Cut-out Double Detector – Insures that the machine will stop working once the door opens.
Large Peel Bucket.
User Friendly.