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Cooling System Control ModBUS RTU connectivity

XR100 / 500 Series: Controllers for both heating and cooling applications
All-in-one controllers suitable for both heating and cooling applications.
RS485 interface for Dixell display
Temperature control can be indicated by the probe 1 and the probe 2 or the difference between probe 1 and probe 2.
Fully manages compressor and defrost.
Keyboard, alarm, digital input can be set. And with additional output relay functions.
Maximum and minimum temperatures can be recorded.
Can use Hot key or Programming tool kit to help program.

Measure and control temperature “CYCLE OFF CYCLE” cooler with RS485

XR110C 1 Relay, On-Off and On-Off Temperature Controller for both Heating and Cooling
XR120C 1 Relay, works like XR110C + Timer defrost
XR130C 2 relay, function like XR120C + optional relay.
Measure and control the cooling system temperature. Defrost with electric or hot gas with RS 485.

XR140C 2 Relays, temp. And temperature control + Timer defrost timer
XR150C 2 relay, function like XR140C + optional relay.
Measure and control temperature Cooling system with electric or hot gas and fan control with RS485.

XR160C 3 Relays, temp. And temp. + Timer defrost timer + fan control relay
XR170C 4 relay, function like XR160C + optional relay, selectable function
XR570C 4 Relay, works like XR170C + Real Time Clock.