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iProchill 4 Circuit up to 16 Compressors Air / Water Chiller

The programmable controllers of iProCHILL family are the Dixell’s answer to the requirements of the air-conditioning world; they are suitable for all chillers, heat pump and geothermal heat pump units up to 4 circuits and 16 compressors. These instruments are complete and easy to use, they are the correct solution for the majority of the chiller-machines, including the most complex, and can manage systems such as :

air / air – “roof top”
air / water
water / water

Thanks to the high connectivity they are indispensable for remote management of the plants helping the job of the “service” centres.The family consisting in 2 models (IPC410D e IPC415D) that with the VISOGRAPH graphic programmable display provides the user with a versatile solution that has a high level of customization.


200MHz CPU
32bit processor
RAM memory: 32MB
Flash memory capacity: 128MB


Ethernet for connection to an intranet-internet network and to others programmable controllers for a distributed
application management
USB (host) that allows the download of applications, parameters, data/alarm logger and the applications and
parameters upload
CAN Bus digital communication serial protocol for the connection to other programmable controllers,
to I/O expansion modules and to XEV driver
2 master and slave RS485 serial output
ModBUS-RTU standard communication protocol that allows connection to IC100/200 digital controllers,
to XWEB supervising and controlling systems or to applications developed by third Party Systems

The Programmable Controllers

IPC410D iProCHILL programmable controller for air conditioning with 10 relay outputs
IPC415D iProCHILL programmable controller for air conditioning with 15 relay outputs