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Monitoring Controlling and Supervising Web Server

XWEB5000 EVO : Monitoring Controlling and Supervising Web Server

19″ RACK or desk mounting
Up to 1 year temperature recording
Optimized controller values visualization via “Single View” ,”Sun Time” and OverView” Functions
Dual instrument network to increase safety and total lenght (up to 2Km)
Possibility to modify the parameters of the connected devices remotely
Customizable web user interface (layout)
Performance meter for cooling demand control
Easy plant management by means of the “Scheduler” to send commands according to a custom calendar
Alarm notification via FAX, SMS or e-mail
HACCP report print-out in pdf format
Powerful supervising engine with embedded editor and field simulator
CRO for compressor rack optimization
Dew point for anti-sweat heater contro