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Multifunction Controllers For Multiplexed Applications

XM600 Multifunction Controllers For Multiplexed Applications
Control unit for freezer or coffee maker Let’s start defrosting simultaneously. And ordered to start cooling after the water is ready.
Multi-master Controller (XM400 / 600)
Each slave module can be run. Or set through the keyboard. Can be attached to the mother (XM400 / 600)
Up to 5 controllers for connection to the XM400 and up to eight control units for connection to the XM600.
Real Time Clock
Connect with direct load (XM200 / 400)
8 keys for direct access to each function.
Output for integrated electronic expansion valve (XM600)
Cutting edge heater control heater control using Dew Point (XM600)
Can control the temperature of the thermostat. Using an average air on / air off sensor, especially the multideck cabinets (XM600)
The ModBUS-RTU standard connects the standard.
Can use Hot Key or Programming tool kit to help program. Fast and easy to program.
Red LED display, 13.2mm (13.5mm) height and symbol for CX format.