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PLC control of cooling system

iPro is designed to be suitable for use with HVAC (iProchill and Domo) applications in particular or for general use (iProGenius).
iProGenius PLC addresses all control and management needs. Refrigeration, heaters, ventilation systems, electrical systems, as well as building automation, shopping centers. , Hospital, airport, dock, power management system And more
VISOGRAPH Screen display (LCD-240 X 96 pixels)
TGIPG 4.3 “, 7”, 10.3 “touch screen display
Ethernet to connect to the Internet to control the program.
Downloading parameter values ​​for alarms via USB Driver
CANBus interface for connection control With optional modules to increase I / O.
RS485 2 ports (Master and Slave) for connecting devices and connecting to BMS or XWEB system.
Supports ModBUS-RTU connections to connect with other Dixell controllers such as XW.
ModBUS-TCP connection support
Supported programs developed Thrid Party , Scada.
The iPro website can be used to monitor the signal status and operation of the device. And when connected to the Internet can Remote to see the device from the Internet (support all connected devices, such as mobile or computer without the need for additional programs).
Can be connected to add modules to expand the system.
Maximum power consumption is 20 VA (15WATT).

Technical information
Operating System: Linux
CPUs: 200MHz
Processor: 32 bit
RAM: 32 MB
Flash memory capacity: 128 MB

Alarm Management

Alarm management is a fundamental element that improves plant efficiency. It can be assured that the factory is experiencing problems. This will be automatically corrected to prevent damage. The following will be an option to use with IProGENIUS.
Alarms are handled via email, fax or SMS.
Direct connection to the internet
Point-to-point connectivity via modem, GSM and PDA modem.
Sending commands via SMS
Software updates over the Internet.

The plant maintenance staff can easily have a report of the application status in order to decide how and when to intervene. The report contains all of the most important values, the plant status and the operating point set.