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PRIME CX Cooling System Control ModBUS RTU connectivity

Thermostat Of refrigeration or heating

Model PRIME in CX for temperature-controlled cooling system for cooling or heating in moderate temperatures. Or low temperature Or for a refrigerator. With timer, defrost

32 x 74 mm fan control relay suitable for use. Control the chilled, cold or cold temperature with 6 buttons, which is developed from the original version with 4 buttons, so it is easier to use. The symbolic representation of the system is a symbolic icon on the display. It has developed both software and hardware to be more effective.

Easy to use
Power saving function The digital input can be ordered through the set temperature of the thermostat higher than normal. For example, during high power bills. Or during the closing. The entrance of the cold room. Or set a lower temperature to cool the cumulative charge.
Continuous operation Such programs as after the goods into the cold storage. To accelerate the room temperature to cool faster by skipping or canceling some functions, such as defrosting. You can press the button to run the program.
Control of the cooling system by auxiliary probe (especially beer dispenser cabinet) can control the temperature of the tank (tube temperature). When the temperature is too low. And work at high temperatures as set.
Can control the chiller to work. After opening the door overdue. Used in conjunction with door switches.
Can save the minimum or maximum temperature.
Digital inputs can be programmed as headers.
Can control the temperature of the thermostat. Use an average of air on / air off, especially multideck cabinets.
There are models that can be used as two thermostats, such as control cabinets, red wine and white wine.
Condenser temperature control function To prevent damage Operation at high ambient temperatures Or a cooling fan waste.
Includes TTL port for RS485 for monitoring systems (using XJ485CX)
Output for remote display X-REP (Connection for remote display)

Measure and control temperature cooling system Defrost “OFF CYCLE”
XR10CX 1 Relay, On-Off temperature and humidity control,
XR20CX 1 relay, function like XR10CX + Timer defrost
XR30CX 2 relay, function like XR20CX + working
XR35CX 2 relays, running like XR30CX + RS485, sensor a NTC / Pt1000
XR36CX 2 relays, measurement and temperature control point + 2 defrost timer scheduling. Like in a freezer, red wine and white wine.

Measure and control temperature cooling system Defrost with electric or gas heating

XR40CX 2 relays, measurement and control of temperature + timer set time defrost
XR50CX 2 relays, running like XR40CX + Relays accessories can function works
XR56CX 2 relays, running like. XR40CX + temperature and temperature control 2 points, such as in the wine

cooler red and white wine temperature measurement and control. cooling system Defrost with electric or hot gas And control the operation of fans XR60CX 3 relays, measurement and control of temperature + timer + defrost timer relay control, fan XR64CX 3 relays, temperature measurement and control. Two coil counters + Timer defrost + Fan control relay XR70CX

4 relays, works like XR60CX + Relays can be selected function
XR71CX 4 relays, works like XR60CX + relay controllers heater
XR72CX 4 door relay, works like XR60CX + relays for compressor 2
XR75CX 4 relay, function like XR60CX + optional relay, selectable function + RS485, NTC / Pt1000 probe