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Programmable Controllers

iPro family is dedicated whether for HVAC units (iPRO Chill and Domo), or for general purposes and refrigeration (iPRO Genius).
The iProGenius programmable controllers family satisfy all requirements regarding the controlling and management of refrigeration, heating, ventilation, electric power and all building automation services.

They are suited for all applications in the PLC world and they find applications in many shopping centres, hospitals, airports, boatyards, energy management plants, and so on…

These controllers provide a high level of technology for ease of external connectivity and programmability providing simple answers to every application’s needs, while ensuring a complete local or remote monitoring.


Fully programmable controllers and high connectivity
VISOGRAPH programmable graphic display (LCD – 240×96 pixel)
Ethernet for connection to an intranet-internet network and to others programmable controllers for a distributed application management
USB (host) that allows the download of applications, parameters, data/alarm logger and the applications and parameters upload
CANBus digital communication serial protocol for the connection to other programmable controllers, to I/O expansion modules
2 master and slave RS485 serial output
ModBUS-RTU standard communication protocol that allows connection to Dixell digital controllers, to XWEB supervising and controlling
systems or to applications developed by third Party Systems
BACnet communications allows the system to have easy and immediate integration with different manufactures ensuring
a complete collaboration
The possibility to have a connection to the expansion modules in order to increase system capacity
20VA max power absorption


Operative System: Linux
CPU: 200MHz
Processor: 32bit
RAM memory: 32MB
Flash memory capacity: 128MB

The alarm management system is the fundamental element that increase the plant efficiency, ensuring an immediate identification of plant problems and activates automatic strategies to prevent possible damages. The following possible options are available with iProGENIUS.
Alarm sending management by e-mail, fax or SMS.
Direct internet connection
point-to-point connection via modem, GSM and PDA modem
Remote command sending via SMS
Possibility of updating the (iPro) on -board software via e-mail

The plant maintenance staff can easily have a report of application status in order to decide how and when to intervene. The report contains all of the most important values, the plant status and operating set point.

IPRO.GENIUS controllers are divided into:

Version with disconnectable connectors (analog inputs/outputs, digital inputs/outputs) + screw connectors (connectivity).

IPG115D programmable controller for general purposes (15 relays)
IPG110D programmable controller for general purposes (10 relays)
Version with bayonet connectors (analog inputs/outputs, digital inputs) + screw connectors (digital outputs, connectivity).

IPG215D programmable controller for general purposes (15 relays)
IPG210D programmable controller for general purposes (10 relays)