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Refrigeration Controllers HACCP

XR700-XW700 Refrigeration Controllers HACCP
Temperature controller Can be used with refrigeration control systems. Or heating Supports HACCP standards
Improve and develop appearance. Including control functions to better use.
It has an alarm display screen and records temperatures that are not normal.
It has a design to keep. And how to maintain the product.
Can be connected directly to 230V ac power supply.
There are 4 relays and 2 digital inputs.
Easy-to-use six-way push button (WING format)
Compatible with infrared readers. To download all the information from the control unit to a small printer.
Can use Hot Key or Prog tool kit to help program fast and easy to program.
Maximum power consumption 4VA
Two color display lines: red display, 8 mm LED height and yellow display, 5.6 mm height LED and 14 symbols.