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Stainless Steel Steamers /Stock Pot

Stainless Steel Steamers /Stock Pot

@Steamers /Stock Pot
@Roll top edge offers strength and durability
@Complete combination includes stock pot ,basket and cover .

Iteme No.                  Speciffication                       Surface                     Packing

GRT-RPB1836              360*350mm              sandyinside/outside           1pc/ctn

GRT-RPB1842              390*360mm              sandyinside/outside           1pc/ctn

GRT-RPB1860              440*410mm              sandyinside/outside           1pc/ctn

GRT-RPB1880              480*420mm              sandyinside/outside           1pc/ctn

GRT-RPB1836A            310*290mm              sandyinside/outside           1pc/ctn

GRT-RPB1842A            320*300mm              sandyinside/outside           1pc/ctn

GRT-RPB1860A            370*340mm              sandyinside/outside           1pc/ctn

GRT-RPB1880A            400*340mm              sandyinside/outside           1pc/ctn