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Wall Mount Humidity Control Module for ModBUS RTU Connection

XLR100 Cool Mate

Can be used in the cold. And heat
Temperature control Can be determined from the temperature of the probe 1, probe 2 or
Temperature difference of the probe 1 and 2
The control function of the compressor. And defrost
Can save View the minimum and maximum temperatures.
230 Vac


Can use the cooling system. And humidity control
Can be used for cooling or heating.
There is a compressor control system. And defrost
Can cancel the humidity control.
Dehumidification by cooling circuit.
Open and stop with different setpoints (XLH300).
Can program the exhaust fan. Automatic operation (in XLH300)
Can be connected directly to 230 (110) Vac.
View the status of the system with icons on the screen.
25.3 mm high red LED display and 20.3 mm yellow LED display