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WING BASIC Refrigeration Controllers -Split and Compact Wing
WING BASIC Coolant Control System Series for normal and low temperature.
Improve and develop the look and function of the control to suit more applications.
Connects directly to the power supply and neutral loads to reduce system cabling costs.
The screen can be displayed as icons and units (L and CX formats).
Can be used directly with compressors up to 1.2 horsepower (20A internal relay).
Can be connected to 230V AC power supply without transformer.
Up to 8 keys for direct access to each function.
Can save the minimum and maximum temperature.
Can work in power saving mode. Digital inputs (L and K formats)
Can work continuously. Specific programs (L and K formats)
Can control the temperature of the thermostat. Use an average of air on / air off, especially multideck cabinets.
Compatible with Hot Key to make it fast and easy to program.
Can be connected to display X-REP remote (L and K formats, for LS format, which is an alternative choice to use
TTL output).
Serial connection with monitoring system (L, LS and K formats)
Maximum power consumption 7VA
Red LED display with 10.5 mm height and icons (L, LS and CX formats), 13.2 mm height LED
(VS and V formats)